Better Planning Network

About Us

The Better Planning Network is a volunteer-based organisation formed at the end of August 2012 by community groups concerned about the NSW Government’s planning reforms.  

We believe that the Government's proposals are developer-driven and will reduce community wellbeing, residential amenity, environmental and heritage protection across NSW.

We have more than 460 community groups and many more individuals affiliated with us, and this number is growing every day. 

The Better Planning Network is not affiliated with any political party and recognises that:

  1. Community wellbeing (which goes beyond just economic growth) must be at the heart or our planning system. 
  2. Community engagement in decision-making is essential at every stage of the planning and development assessment process.
  3. Protecting our environment, natural and cultural heritage is fundamental to the wellbeing of our communities.
  4. Development must comply with evidenced-based strategic planning instruments.
  5. Infrastructure must go hand in hand with development.
  6. Minimising corruption must be a priority for our new planning system.

Read our full platform here.

 You can contact us via:


[email protected]